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Nontraditional Business Funding Opportunities

Crowd Funding (donations)

Create a unique campaign and share it with the world. The strategy here is usually to get many small donations from a wide number of funders so making your project accessible, understandable, and irresistible is key.
  • Kickstarter – no funds received if minimum not reached (all or nothing), platform takes 8% of funds. 44% of projects funded.
  • Indiegogo – no minimum, % taken by platform varies based on if you meet your minimum goal – less than Kickstarter if you do, more if you don’t.
Crowd Investing (Convertible Notes)- New in Oregon in 2015
Raising up to $250,000 from Oregon residents in convertible notes – this means that it acts as a loan unless a “conversion event” occurs at which point it becomes equity. This is a new possibility in Oregon and so education and tenacity are key with this form of funding.
  • Hatch Oregon (statewide Crowd Investing organization) – no funds received if minimum not reached, personal help with creating offering and educating possible investors available through Hatch.
Crowd Lending (loans)
Offers 0% interest loans up to $5,000 to small businesses by following the crowdfunding method. 95% of borrowers reach goal (much higher than crowdfunding).
Kiva Zip – no funds received if minimum not reached
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