Special Considerations

The City of Ashland Meals Tax   

The City of Ashland has a 5% meals tax on prepared restaurant and deli items. This tax does not apply to grocery store purchases outside of prepared meals purchased at the deli. This tax also does not apply to alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) purchased when dining in a restaurant. 

The tax was voted in 1990 as one of the first voter approved sales taxes in the state of Oregon. Broken down, 1% of the 5% collected funds open space purchases for the parks and the other 4% goes to offset the cost of a new waste water treatment plant. In 2009 the voters in Ashland voted to renew the 5% meals tax and it will expire on December 31, 2030.

Transient Occupancy Tax

If your business provides lodging services you are required to file the Transient Occupancy Tax form to fulfill the tax requirement at the State and Local level. The funds from the Transient Occupancy Tax are reinvesting back into the tourism industry at the State and Local level.

For more information, and the official City of Ashland registration for Restaurants, Lodging and Tobacco purveyors, click here.

Home Occupation Businesses

 If you plan to operate your business out of your home, you are required by the City to have a home occupation permit.  The permit is available online by clicking here.

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