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Solar in Ashland

True South Solar is Southern Oregon’s local solar company. Started in 2010 by Eric Hansen and Shawn Schreiner, True South is a valued member of our community with a team that appreciates our region’s beauty and ideals. You can see their fleet of hybrids, trucks, and electric vehicles throughout the city. They provide free consultations and install solar for homes and businesses throughout the Rogue Valley. 

True South Solar’s mission is “Solar on Every Rooftop and Best Jobs Ever,” and for the past decade they have done exactly that. Since opening their doors, they have performed over 700 installations, with 128 completed in 2018 alone. 

They recognize that their success is due to their diverse team of solar professionals and our supportive community, and their culture of empowerment honors that. Employee enrichment programs include paid vacations, paid family/sick leave, and powder days—if Mt. Ashland gets over six inches of snow in one day, the team takes the day off for recreation. They’ve also sponsored a variety of organizations in our community like Southern Oregon University, Rogue Community College, Ashland Chamber of Commerce, Rogue Valley Farm to School, Ashland Food Project, and Rogue Climate. Their contributions extend throughout Oregon, as they strongly advocate for state policy to make solar more accessible for everyone.

Recently, True South installed solar on 16 homes in Verde Village located off West Nevada Street. Verde Village is the first zero energy ready community in the state of Oregon! The homes are Zero Energy Ready and Platinum certified by Earth Advantage. Earth Advantage defines a zero energy home as a home that generates as much energy on site as it uses over the course of each year. As such, these homes are specifically designed to be highly energy efficient and make going solar easy. True South Solar is proud to help empower the first zero energy community for Oregon!

Referrals have been essential to True South Solar’s successful growth. Much of their business is due to referrals from community members who have become solar advocates. To show their thanks, True South rewards referrers with a $500 check for each installation. Do you have a business or neighbor who should go solar? Let them know. 

To learn more about True South Solar and how they can assist you with your solar installation, visit

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