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Jim Teece and Dena Matthews founded Project A in Glendale, Arizona in 1990.  After she graduated with a Masters in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management, they decided to move to Oregon to raise a family and grow Project A. “We picked Ashland after an extensive search of small communities in Oregon,” says President & CEO Jim. “This was before the internet so we only wanted a small town with a college, culture, a strong sense of community (and a microbrewery) - Seriously Ashland had everything we needed. FedEx, Freeway, 15 minutes to the Airport.”  Jim continued, “We lucked out that Ashland has a Chamber of Commerce that works hard for its members to help them grow.  The city was very interested in investing in the Internet Infrastructure. Ashland has a world-class School District. I have been saying for years that Ashland is the best community to grow your business and raise your family, because it’s simply true.”

Jim and Dena moved Project A to Ashland in 1992. Today they live on around 27 acres 3 miles east of Ashland. They are near Emigrant Lake with lots of animals. Quinn (17) is an Ashland High School student on swim team. Their oldest, Teague, 20, attends Oregon State University. She wants to become an AG teacher.

Project A writes custom software for corporations all over the world. They are known for being innovators with the community.  Project A played a major role in the design of the Ashland Fiber Network.  Jim is a leader and partner with the Chamber in community workshops to help small businesses with technology.  He plays an integral role in the technological development, growth and evolution of Southern Oregon.

ProjectA3Numerous small organizations benefit from the work of Project A. They donate at least 3% of their time and profit to local non-profits. Community minded, the Teeces are involved in amazing organizations in Ashland and beyond such as the Chamber, Ashland Independent Film Festival, Science Works, SOU Foundation Board, the Ashland Schools Foundation, Hope Equestrian Center and the Jackson County Fair.

Living and doing business in Ashland contributes to their success.  Jim credits the innovative community for creating  the Ashland Fiber Network (AFN) and the Chamber teaching businesses to survive and thrive using the internet. "We continue to grow here because the community supports our growth . . . [Ashland is] a progressive community that continually invests in the infrastructure required to do business in the future."  Jim continues, "Location, spirit and desire drive innovation in our community."

Ashland Locals Guide Editor Shields Bialasik said in his interview with Jim in the March 2014 issue:

ProjA2REVIn 2008 Jim and Dena acquired Ashland Home Net, Ashland’s only LOCAL cable and internet provider. The company is the largest internet service provider in Ashland and the only one that provides a triple play, is locally owned, provides computer repair and sponsors most of Ashland’s community events.
Jim’s positive get-it-done attitude has kept him and his companies at the forefront inviting the attention of such companies as Google to award Ashland with the 2013 eCity award.  From family to business Jim shares that life gets better with age and continually reaches out to inspire others.

Project A is launching Local Hero to encourage people to do more than "buy local."  It means "Be Local." Included in the Locals Guide interview:

"We are launching the Local Hero movement this month. It’s much more than buying local. It’s committing yourself to volunteering, donating, and giving as well as buying local first. It’s a simple way to track your commitment and share it, get recognition and even rewards for all you do. We are launching it here in Ashland, but I’m working with other communities in the state of Oregon to also launch it and I’m hoping that it will grow to become a national or international movement though a grassroots organic approach to growth. We have an app for your iPhone or Android phone as well to make it easy and convenient to record your Local Hero Actions. People do this already with exercise and drinking, we are just expanding on it to include your community involvement. Of course I want everyone in Ashland to buy their High Speed Internet service from Ashland Home Net but it really goes way beyond that."

Jim and Dena have learned many lessons in 20 years. Project A almost closed when the dot com bubble burst. They had their first layoff after being in business for ten plus years. "It hurt the spirit and fiber of our company. I learned that I held on too long thinking that somehow if we didn't change we would bounce back. I was wrong. In order to survive I had to reinvent the company. I'll never forget the process of failure, rebuilding and coming out stronger."

Project A and Ashland Home Net are shining examples of Ashland innovation and involvement.  

Project A, Inc.​
5350 Highway 66, Ashland

Thank you Project A for being a Founding Partner of the Ashland Business Resource.  It is another example of their support of the Ashland community.

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